Why Choose Umiie Tokens

Umiie tokens have been built as stable coins because of the following economic factors. We have set a fair market price of our ERC 20 Tokens to avoid volatility found in cheaper tokens, and have a huge market cap to ensure that the tokens can be swapped, bought and sold into the next century. Longevity is key to a stable coin because as a token trades and hits the market cap ceiling, its value doesn’t increase because of supply and demand issues. We chose $222.48 USD as a price because it is one tenth of an Ethereum token price which leaves plenty room to grow and match Ethereum.

As tokens with low ceiling caps sell out, and the available pools are depleted, supply and demand will come into play which will drive tokens down as they cannot be freely traded in market. Umiie Token has 100 Trillion tokens available to trade and last into the coming century.

Our purpose is to maintain stability while increasing profits for our token holders and IPO shareholders. within the next few weeks we will ICO the Umiie Token and trade on the NYSE.

Investments are key in stable coin as they hold longer trade values for more investors and the volatility is reduced because of the market holding key undiluted value in the token. What this means is we plan on ICO the token while the diluted value is low to ensure coin stability.

The crypto market has a high market cap per token but Umiie tokens have a $891 Billion USD market cap because we have floated many Umiie tokens into liquidity pools on the Uniswap exchange to ensure constant trade of tokens.

Other tokens use short ranges to trade because of large liquidity draw downs, which cause the tokens price to be affected and cause market volatility. We have chosen a large range which allows free market to influence our token price but ensures stability of our undiluted tokens by firm and secure economic actions we have taken including SEC and FINTRAC governance.

We are a regulated company with regulated tokens and we are rolling out onto other credible exchanges within the next few weeks. We will ensure the exchanges we are traded on have no withdrawal issues so that people can get their money out as easily as they put it in.